Welcome to Oelmühle.


We were on one of our annual trips through England in the beginning of the 70’s when we visited one of the many agricultural exhibitions where you can get a broad inside view of country, its people and animal races. On one of these open shows were also dogs present and here is where we saw our first Deerhound, a strong male, serious-gently eyes, with lots of hair and a big mane. This deerhound example impressed us quite a bit, but except for the name of the breed we were not able to get any more information at the time. But there was a book called: How To Raise and Train a Deerhound. We were just impressed with this historically habitus of a breed. In Herfordshire, close to our English friends, lived the famous wolfhound breeder Jenkins (Eaglescarg).

We met the deerhound again through a detour with the Irish wolfhound. Through unfortunate circumstances, Jürgen Papenfu? got the famous bitch Ch. Ardinglas Zamora for his birthday. We were not thinking of breeding at this point, so we gave “Moehrchen” to the breeder Quodlibet. She already had a previous litter and so with her came her son Shamrock Cormac. Both of them instantly attacked our favorite cat, and fortunately pulled evenly on both sides, so the cat stayed alive, and they became friends later. At a later point we had deerhounds coming form the following places.

•  Ardkinglas, Großbritannien
•  Kilbourne, Großbritannien
•  Shanid, USA
•  Highstone, USA
•  Bellanagare, Holland
•  Pitlochry's, Holland
•  Secretis, Deutschland

Big Character

There are nice people who would like to be able to deal with a deerhound, but they are not able to connect to the dog. Everything seems a bit challenging here and also on the British island, cause deerhounds are its own little breed and so are its breeders. The deerhound is totally fixated on the human, yet the breeder is not, so acquiring a deerhound is always challenging. Often one could not understand the criteria within this breed while judging at exhibitions, as if there are no standards for the race. Personnel or breeder preferences shouldn’t play a role, a certain stubbornness is a given, as it is projected form to dog onto the human being.
At one of the big Championship dog shows in Wales, you see all different breeds being judged inside the building, whereas the deerhound is judged outside, and it was raining quite a bit. I have never seen anything as diverse as this breed and its people. Not sure if we can call the racists, but know that there all great characters that never will fit in with the norm, with its fine, gentle romantic roughness. Our intention is to bring this wonderful breed to the humans, knowing that they will never be as successful as other breeds, and that this is what makes a deerhound so special.

For the newcomer, we can only advise you, to train your eyes and intuition to begin breeding with a good potential. Enough fine feeling is what one needs to be a quality breeder, which is resting in everybody, but not awakened by many. In the meantime, over 30 years have past, and we still have much joy with our dogs. We have bread successful and beautiful dogs, and many more breeders have come to Oelmuehle to start a deerhound breed.

Our latest success is with Wild West von der Oelmühle (breeder Kilbourne, England)